Practice Areas

Practice Areas

Aeronautical Law

ROLIM’s Aeronautical Law practitioners have vast experience in not only representing domestic and foreign aircraft manufacturers and airlines but also in carrying out aircraft lease transactions and negotiating security interests in connection with these transactions.

Antitrust Law

Vast experience in M&A transactions and advocacy before competition authorities.

Arbitration and Mediation

Acting in domestic and international arbitrations.

Business Litigation

ROLIM’s Business Litigation team is widely recognized for its exceptional experience in handling administrative and court proceedings.


Providing compliance and integrity services under the perspective of different specialty areas.


Consulting and advice on contracts, contemplating an entire range of services from negotiating, drawing up, and reviewing contracts, legal opinions, contractual compliance, in addition to claim management.

Corporate Law

ROLIM’s Corporate Law practitioners work with complex corporate restructuring, both in Brazil and overseas, as well as with corporate, tax, estate planning to find the best solutions for the possible scenarios presented by its clients.

Energy Law

Wide experience in electrical energy generation, transmission, distribution, and sale – coupled with specific knowledge of the industry with other practices of Law (tax, corporate, environmental, real estate, antitrust, litigation, among others) – is what gives prominence to ROLIM’s Energy Law division.

Environmental Law

ROLIM’s Environmental Law practitioners focus mostly on preventive consulting services to prevent any technical or administrative environmental-related liabilities and mitigate potentially polluting activities or the activities of users of natural resources.


Consulting and advice on public and private projects from planning, analysis of legal risks, negotiations, enforcement, dispute resolution, through to project conclusion.

International Trade and Customs Law

The growth and the complexity of international trade create constant demand for professionals with profound knowledge of global business issues that go beyond the local management of import and export flows.


ROLIM’s Mergers and Acquisitions team are involved in complex M&A transactions in terms of size and market segment. These knowledgeable multidisciplinary proactive practitioners strive to facilitate M&A transactions and see them through to fruition.

Mining Law

ROLIM’s Mining Law professionals focus on preventive consulting, especially assisting clients on several types of transactions involving mining rights and assets

Oil and Gas

Advice on oil & gas-related contractual and regulatory aspects.

Real Estate Law

ROLIM’s Real Estate Law practitioners develop highly complex real estate works involving real estate businesses and projects, real estate compliance, property legalization, amongst other things.

Tax Law

Tax Law department was ROLIM’s first practice area. This area proudly serves as the linchpin to the other practice areas, and effectively maximize the structuring of all the business transactions advised by ROLIM.

Telecommunications Law

ROLIM’s Telecommunications practitioners have vast experience and are widely known for their expertise in handling complex regulatory matters within the telecommunications industry, especially concerning litigation.