The State of Rio de Janeiro announced an International Invitation to Bid for the Concession of the Public Services of Water Supply and Sanitation.

2021 Jan.11

The State of Rio de Janeiro announced an Invitation to bid, classified as international competitive bid, in order to select the highest bidder for the Concession of the public services of water supply and sanitation in the Concession Area, divided into four (4) blocks of Municipalities.

We present below a summary of the main information of the Invitation to Bid:

  1. Who can participate: (i) Legal entities, national or foreign, acting alone or in consortium; (ii) Foundations or Funds whose purpose, according to their own regulations and the corresponding applicable legislation, allows them to perform the activities provided for in the Concession Agreement; (iii) Pension fund entities; (iv) Private Equity Funds (PEFs); and trusts and private equity funds incorporated in accordance with the law of their governing body.
  2. Judgment criteria: This Bidding Process will be judged with the highest bid criterion, based on the amount of the Fixed Concession Fee offered by the Bidder for the Concession of each Lot.

The minimum amount of Fixed Concession Fee to be offered by the Bidder shall be: (i) Lot 1: BRL R$ 4,036,855,561.10; (ii) Lot 2: BRL 3,172,208,314.37; (iii) Lot 3: BRL 908,108,968.01; and (iv) Lot 4: BRL 2,503,249,157.43.

  1. Concession Term: 35 years.
  2. Bid Submission Date: 27th of April 2021, from 10 am to 2 pm, in person at the headquarters of Brasil Bolsa Balcão – B3, in São Paulo.

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